Can we fix Highway 7?

Posted Jan 9th, 2019

Can we fix Highway 7?


There are lots of opinions about our dear Highway 7.  For commuters between Kitchener and Guelph, it could be called essential, or broken, or both.  It’s our asphalt frenemy.


Will we be building a new highway, just to the North?  Maybe.  Widening the existing highway, and Kossuth road as well?  Perhaps.  Fifteen-minute all-day electrified both-way GO train service?  Eventually, one hopes.  High speed rail?  That would be a wonderful thing indeed.  All of these solutions depend on much broader decisions, and won’t appear very quickly.


So if we want to take action, personally and immediately, what can we do?  If the problem is too many cars on Highway 7, then dare we suggest: fewer cars on Highway 7?


Give a trip on Wroute a try.  With frequent departures between Fairway Station and Guelph Central Station, our zero emission service provides a solution for you to take action on climate change, health, affordability, urban vitality, and more.  Check out any available discounts to our standard fares, including the Multipass program, and learn more about the stations we serve.  If it works for you, or for anyone you know, you can be a part of making our community a little better.  It’s that simple and effective.  See you on Wroute!

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