Announcing the Wroute Multipass!

Posted Oct 24th, 2018 in News

Wroute Multipass ticket bundles give you the opportunity to earn significant discounts by committing to multiple trips in advance.  The first three Multipass packages are built to serve passengers on our route between Fairway Station and Guelph Central Station.  You can use them in either direction (selected on redemption) and prices include taxes, as always.  They are non-transferable and non-refundable.  Perfect for commuters or other passengers with frequent travel plans between these stations.  No need to plan your trips now, just redeem one from your Multipass whenever you make your reservation. 

Enjoy these low introductory prices!

Multipass 12 @ $199: A dozen tickets to get you on your way for less than the price of ten!  ($16.58 per seat, save over 17%!)

Multipass 42 @ $599: Forty-two tickets, enough to cover an average month of daily commuting, but without the time constraint of a monthly pass.  ($14.26 per seat, save over 28%)

Multipass 100 @ $999: A hundred tickets, for less than half price, for the truly committed.  ($9.99 per seat, save over 50%!)

Leeloo said it best: Multipass!

See you on Wroute!


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