Things To Know Before You Travel With Wroute

Posted Sep 12th, 2018 in Tips & Tricks

Just as you would expect us to obey the rules of the road, we have some rules of the ride. Your awareness and support of these tips and tricks will help us to provide safe, smooth, and swift service for everyone.

Safety always comes first.

Wondering why we don’t use all the acceleration available in a great electric vehicle, why we don’t get upset when other cars are going faster than we are, or why we take up valuable luggage space with a first aid kit? Because we know that our job is to get you to your destination safely, and we never compromise on it.

Let us get the door for you.

We’re not just being polite, this is one of the ways we ensure that we’re ready to go! When we arrive, it’s our way of wishing you a great onward journey.

Let us work the touch screen.

Just as you would never touch the steering wheel while someone else is driving, keep in mind that the touch screen is one of the controls for the vehicle. By refraining from using it yourself, you won’t let it be a distraction or danger to the vehicle operator.

Help us give every passenger a tidy seating area.

Please keep food and drinks sealed rather than consuming them on the journey, and avoid any other activities that might cause a mess. Since we want to ensure every passenger can expect a high standard of cleanliness, a simple spill can take a car out of service and reduce the efficiency that helps us serve you quickly and affordably.

Bring your own tunes.

If we ask six passengers what to listen to, we might have seven answers! Giving the audio system a break helps us to speak to our passengers, connect with dispatch, detect issues with the vehicle, notice the presence of emergency services earlier, as well as allow passengers to be productive on their mobile devices during the trip, and more. If you want to listen to your own tunes, please keep the volume at a level where you can communicate with the vehicle operator. Or, just enjoy the tranquility of electric mobility!

Smile for the camera!

We use dashcams in our vehicles to improve safety, maintain a high standard of customer service, and facilitate enforcement by our regulators. These devices have a view of the road ahead as well as the cabin area. Video and audio recording and monitoring may be in effect at any time. The vehicle manufacturer may also track these and other kinds of data with equipment included in the original assembly, to enhance safety and convenience.

Our furry friends only come along when they’re working.

We love our pets, and we're sure we'd love yours, too. However, our passengers may have allergies that mean they can’t enjoy the journey if others bring animals along for the ride. So, we only board service animals. Remember that they are working to keep their humans safe, so resist the urge to spoil them with all the affection they totally deserve.


Our vehicles can accommodate up to two bicycles per trip, on a first come first served basis, allowing you to extend the zero-emission journey throughout the community. From December to March, bikes require a minimum 2 hour advanced booking to ensure we install the rack in time for your trip. From April to November, no extra notice is required as the racks remain installed across the fleet. We’ll ask you to lift your own bike into place, and we’ll work with you to ensure all the restraints are secured. Please remember to remove anything that might come loose during the trip! Always travel with your bike – the bicycle owner must be on board the same trip. If you are cycling, please don’t pass a Wroute vehicle on the right-hand side except in a marked bike lane.


Our door-to-door hubs offer you the opportunity to continue onwards to your destination, with ten minutes or less of waiting time. For our station-based schedules, using a trip planner such as google maps may help you discover the best way to combine Wroute with other options such as transit or cycling. However, be sure to use the Wroute reservations system to ensure the available schedule data is accurate, as some third party planners can be delayed in reflecting any changes.  Always confirm your destination with your vehicle operator, and you’ll be on your way!

Cash is out.

Due to the municipal regulations that guide our service, we need to forgo the cash transactions and receive your payment online. This also means that our vehicle operators don’t carry cash or provide payments personally.  You can purchase your ticket online on your mobile device in advance. We set our prices and accept payment in Canadian Dollars, with taxes and fees applied or included as appropriate.

Respecting each other makes everyone’s day.

We always work to ensure you feel that we’ve treated people fairly and approached any challenges with kindness.  Please extend the same courteous approach to your fellow passengers.

Have patience as we keep improving.

As a new company, trying to do things a little differently, you may find there are times we don’t measure up to your expectations.  We want to know when that happens so that we can use your insights to make things better.

Help us to grow.

The more service we can offer, the more capacity we’ll have to make it awesome.  We’re in this to make a difference, and not just a little. So encourage your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours… from the dentist to the dog walker, we want to welcome more of the community on board.

Stop Waiting, Start Moving

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